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Review of Anatomy-seminar and Show-Parade at 06./07. August 2005 in Kirrweiler/Germany

We really had a great time with our Australian guests, who paid us a visit and who despite to the travel stress- were ready to hold an Anatomy-seminar and a Show-Parade for the Ridgeback-Fan-Folks.

It was very special for us after all those eMails and telephone calls to meet the breeders of our "Aussie-girl" Diva -aka EW´04 Ch Ozrhode Wild Inspiration- in flesh! On board were also Toni & John Comerford, Ridgesetter Kennels, and I will keep their visit for a very long time in my best memory. It was an honour and a great pleasure to meet such lovely people. Besides I was taught some very interesting english sayings ...

Many thanks, Sue, Steve, Toni and John ;o) - see you in Australia ... one day!

Here come the fitting pictures from our events - special thanks to Miriam Kirchner, for allowing me to publish these beautiful photographs and the support of all involved!

A last check at the wall ... yes, ready for the perfomance!

Not just theory at our Seminar - Steve shows us a correct bite.

John in action, our "PowerPointer" ;o)

Much interesting and educational things were performed was the audience´s opinion.

But also the physical well-being was important!

Show parade (inoffical show) the next day, judges were Toni Comerford and Sue Cameron-Codognotto:

The Judge-team "in the goal"

Impressions of participants

Ridgesetter Oz Design


JCh Ikimba Waitimu

Nombeko Amboni Sibongile

Ipyana of Ka-Ul-Li´s Ridges

Asali Huntress of Didingwe


Ch Ozrhode Wild Inspiration with her breeder Sue Cameron-Codognotto

But of course having fun was the ultimate goal - Ipyana and Naala playing

The winners of property classes were ...

Best head - Asali Huntress of Didingwe (